Waterstone's Bookstore UK ~ Shop Online for Bestsellers at Waterstone's Bookstore
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Waterstone's Bookstore UK ~ Shop Online for Bestsellers at Waterstone's Bookstore

The UK website of Waterstones.com is regionally competitive with other online book retailers and, in addition to bespoke online promotions, Waterstones.com reflect the key high street campaigns such as ‘Book of the Month' and ‘Waterstone's Recommends' - ensuring maximum campaign exposure both in store and online.

Waterstone's Bookstore have put their booksellers right at the heart of Waterstones.com. Their passion for books, proven expertise in all genres along with their popular bespoke recommendations, fully personalised responses and suggestions enable Waterstone's Bookstore to match customers, whatever they read, to their perfect book.

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Humans make the best search engines - and the books, knowledge and expertise of Waterstone's Bookstore are now at booklovers' fingertips. Waterstone's Bookstore, the leading specialist UK high street book retailer, has launched its own online retail website offering a wealth of books and book knowledge and access to expert booksellers from Waterstone's book stores around the country.

The launch of Waterstones.com UK website gives customers the service, knowledge and genuine love of books that they have come to expect from Waterstone's specialist high street stores and provides a trusted alternative to Amazon.co.uk and other book sites.

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